Harsh, Senior Texture Artist at ILM

Join Harsh, senior texture artist at ILM, as he discusses how his passion for painting and for technical things led him to a career that combines both.

Hannah, Junior Texture Artist at ILM

Join Hannah, junior texture artist at ILM, as she discusses how her interest in making things inspired her career and how she “brings color to the world” by applying color and texture to blank digital models.

Clarisa, Junior Roto Artist at ILM

Join Clarisa, junior roto artist at ILM in Singapore, as she discusses channeling a creative passion that began with fashion design to become a visual effects artist.

Casey, Junior Concept Artist at ILM

Join Casey, junior concept artist at ILM, as she discusses how her childhood dream of becoming an animator eventually led to a dream career in concept art development.

Adeline, Lighting Technical Director at ILM

Join Adeline, lighting technical director at ILM, as she discusses becoming the first person in her family to pursue a career in art and how she uses lighting tools to make visual effects look believable.

April, Junior Compositor at ILM

Join April, junior compositor at ILM, as she shares her journey from South Korea to Canada, studying movies to learn the culture and language of her new home, and how she broke into the visual effects industry.

André, Sound Editor at Skywalker Sound

Join André, supervising sound editor at Skywalker Sound, as he discusses how an early interest in movies inspired him to explore the possibility of editing audio for a living.