ILMxLAB, San Francisco

Join ILMxLAB’s production team as they define the multiple digital reality experience types and discuss creating visual effects for these interactive projects.

ILM, Vancouver

Join ILM’s Digital Model Shop team to learn about how they design the digital characters we see on screen.

Official Trailer

Join employees across Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound, and ILMxLAB as they share stories on discovering their passions, beginning their careers, and the challenges and satisfactions of working in their current roles and departments. We hope their personal stories and recommendations inspire the next generation of young artists to break into and make their impact on the entertainment industry.

Sophie, Senior Talent Manager at ILM

Join Sophie, senior talent manager at ILM, as she discusses empowering artists to find their next projects and the wonderfully collaborative nature of work in visual effects.

Sonia, Layout Artist at ILM

Join Sonia, layout artist at ILM, as she discusses what it’s like to work with cameras and facial technology, and how her work translates to the finished scene.

Remal, Production Assistant at ILM

Join Remal, production assistant at ILM, as she discusses how the role allows exploration of many interests within the entertainment industry.

Rebecca, Lighting Technical Director at ILM

Join Rebecca, lighting technical director at ILM, as she discusses her ability to bring images to life through light and shadows and how her role supports the director’s filmmaking vision.