Get in the Door

Stories have the power to transform our lives, inspiring and empowering minds all over the world. The potential to unlock that power lies inside each of us, ready and waiting to be awakened… and today is your time! It’s never too late — or too early — for your journey to begin.

Imagine this site as your portal of career possibilities — a digital hallway of doors to discovering the job of your dreams in Visual Effects [VFX], Sound, or Virtual Reality [VR]. But how do you figure out which door is right for you? How did someone else do it? And what can you do to get there? 

Explore Get in the Door​, a documentary series created by Lucasfilm, Industrial Light ​& Magic, and​ ​ILMxLAB featuring the stories of employees across a myriad of disciplines. Learn how they got started, achieved their goals, and most importantly, how you can turn your creativity into a career too.

A network of individuals across the globe make up the talented teams that come together to imagine, design, and build incredible worlds at Lucasfilm, Industrial Light & Magic, and ILMxLAB. But no two journeys are the same. With Get in the Door, discover the inspiring stories of artists, programmers, and more who forged their own unique paths toward a career in VFX.

The Pipeline

The Pipeline represents the collaborative journey from script to screen, bringing stories to life through the magic of visual effects. Where does your passion fit into the process? Explore potential positions to unlock your creative power.